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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you fit doors?

Yes, our products are manufactured and fitted nationwide by our own engineers (MDS).

Do you offer a warranty with your products?

We offer a 12 month warranty as standard on all our high speed and shutter doors subject to installation checks.

Do you offer a consultancy service?

Yes we do, our sales team work nationwide providing consultations

Can you paint doors in any colours?

Yes we can, we can paint door panels in any standard ral colour

What safety methods are in place should someone or something be in the way during closing?

Photo cells are available for most of our doors which stop the door should anything pass through its sensor. Alternatively certain doors such as the high speed zip door have impact sensors on the bottom rib to sense any impact on close. Our High speed doors also feature a self-realigning process whereby the door can be forced from its guides by impact for example, and within 1 up/down cycle, the curtain will be reinserted into its guides and be operational once again.

Can you make other doors that are not mentioned on your website?

Yes certainly, just send us an email or call our office to talk to a member of staff about other products we can provide.

How often do your doors need to be serviced?

It all depends on the site condition and usage, generally every 6 months.

Do you refurbish existing doors? Even those from another supplier.

Yes, as long as the parts are still available. As a last resort we would offer a total replacement.

Can you refurbish my leveller rather than replacing it?

Yes, we can generally refurbish anything as long as the parts are available, but we would need to make a site visit and advise accordingly.

If there is a power outage, will we still be able to operate our doors?

Yes, our doors can be fitted with a manual pull chain to ensure you suffer no downtime.

Are your doors stocked?

No, all of our doors are built to measure.

Do you doors meet health and safety regulations?

Yes, as part of our consultancy and installation services, our expert engineers ensure that your door solutions adhere to all legal and safety requirements relating to industrial door installations.

  • HSE Regulation 18
  • Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations 1992
  • PUWER Regulation 5
  • BS EN 12635:2002
  • Regulatory Fire Safety Order 2005
  • Log Book Checks

Are High Speed Doors for internal or external use?

They can be used in both situations depending on their construction as High Speed Doors are defined by their action as opposed to their design. For instance High Speed Doors with PVC curtains typically have lower wind speed threshold. Whereas solid panel designs such as our Insulated Dual Door can be used externally.

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