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Industrial Air Blades

We sell what we call "Industrial Air Blade's", known in the industry as "Air Curtains" or "Air Doors". The beauty of these systems is the simplicity and speed of installation coupled with the amazing benefits and features they have to offer.

industrial air blade holding back smoke
How industrial air blade works


  • Easy and fast installation
  • Large selection of one piece units (up to 5 metres long)
  • Can pay for itself within one year in energy savings
  • Shuts out insects, dust and fumes
  • Draws down warm air that rises towards the ceiling
  • Provides excellent visibility for safety
  • Increases employee and customer comfort
Industrial Air Curtain info


  • Warehouses
  • Loading Docks
  • Clean Rooms
  • Painting Rooms
  • Manufacturing Facilities


  • Heavy duty steel, pre-drilled holes for ceiling suspension
  • Adjustable air volume control 50% to 100% is standard
  • Stops wind up to 25 mph
  • Hi performance with low noise levels
  • Standard units can be converted to a heated unit
  • Aesthetically pleasing, neutral colours
  • Available in non-heated steam, hot water, electric and indirect gas fired heated
  • Standard voltages: 208/240/480/3 phase/60hz

Case Study

  • - Industrial unheated air curtain
  • - Outside temperature was 2.5 Degrees Celsius (36.5 Degrees Fahrenheit)
  • - Inside temperature with door closed 20 Degrees Celsius (67.6 Degrees Fahrenheit)
    industrial shutter door
  • - Overhead door had been open for 2 minutes
  • - After 2 minutes with the Industrial Air Blade operating, the temperature directly inside of the door was 19.3 Degrees Celsius (66.7 Degrees Fahrenheit)
  • - After 2 minutes without the Industrial Air Blade operating, the temperature directly inside of the door had dropped to 5.6 Degrees Celsius (42.2 Degrees Fahrenheit)

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