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Fire Resistant Industrial Doors

Our Fire-Resistant Shutters offer a practical solution to prevent fire from spreading whilst providing a comprehensive door solution

Why a Fire Resistant Roller Shutter?

Business owners understand that damage caused by a fire can be catastrophic to the organisation, which is why it is vital that effective fire prevention and fire containment measures are put in place to prevent fire from spreading throughout a building and destroying their assets.
Fire resistant shutters offer a practical cost-efficient solution to prevent fires from spreading by partitioning the building into self-contained sections. These shutters are very similar in appearance to a traditional roller shutter however the components have been rigorously tested under extreme conditions to ensure they retain their fire resistant properties over different timescales.

Fire resistant roller shutters are normally wired into the buildings fire detection system and when triggered will close automatically to contain the fire. Independent smoke or heat detectors can also be fitted to the doors for additionally peace of mind. When triggered, more sophisticated fire-resistant shutters can be programmed using a Fire Detection Interface (FDI) to stop at a certain height, thus acting as a smoke barrier whilst staff evacuate the building.
The day to day operation of fire resistant doors is identical to that of a traditional roller shutter and have several actuation methods for opening and closing. The doors come in a variety of finishes like other roller shutters and can be installed in any internal opening where its surrounds (and other openings) have fire resistant properties.
Industry Doors offer 4 variations of fire resistant roller shutters. The ‘FlameStop Shutter’ comes in 30, 60, 120 and 240 Minute versions and can be customised using our door builder here.

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