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High Speed Industrial Door Systems

Fast acting high speed doors offer opening speeds as fast as 1.5 meters per second making them ideal for heavy traffic environments

Why High Speed?

High Speed doors are a relatively new addition to the market, which offer higher opening and closing speeds compared to traditional roller shutters and sectional doors. Due to their durable construction and flexible components these doors reach faster speeds that reduce waiting times which is vital in high traffic environments.
Generally made from high quality PVC, high speed door curtains travel much more fluidly through their guides than sectional doors and roller shutters meaning the opening cycle takes much less time and thus provides a much more energy-efficient option than traditional doors. Also having a cheaper PVC curtain means lower maintenance and repair costs. Many suppliers offer alternatives to PVC curtains such as roller shutter style panels made from lighter materials that combine fast action properties with more secure design.

High Speed doors not only optimise the flow of traffic but with the ability to open/close your door rapidly, you can minimise the temperature fluctuations of the room to save energy and money on heating costs. They also provide a practical solution to pest control as the opening isn’t left open when not in use like traditional doors would be.
Due to the flexible curtain, many high speed doors now feature self-repairing (Zip) systems that in the event of impact (from a forklift for example) and the curtain becomes free from its guides, the curtain will be reinserted into the track within the space of 1 open/close cycle.

Features of High Speed Doors

High Speed Folding Doors
Insulated Roller Shutter (High Speed)

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