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Food Storage Door

Product Description

The ICE freezer door uses the latest technologies to maintain temperatures between +70c to -30c. The Ice door incorporates a twin skin 900g/m2 fabric curtain set 230mm apart with an internal heating system to ensure there is no ice build-up. Our Ice doors are able to achieve opening speeds of 1000mm per second, thus decreasing the time they are exposed to temperature changes and reducing the expensive costs involved to maintain very low temperatures.These doors feature the same self-repairing curtain seen in our other high speed doors, meaning if for any reason the curtain is knocked out of its tracks, within one open and closing cycle it will be realigned and fully functional again.

Maximum Height 5000 mm
Maximum Width 4000 mm
Opening Speed Up to 1.5m/s
Closing Speed 0.8m/s
Int/ Ext Internal
Wind Resistance
Curtain/ Panel
Thermal Rating
Power Requirement
  • Integral Heating System
  • Maintain temperature between +70c to -30c
  • Fast Action
  • Twin Fabric Zip Curtain
  • Safety Photo Cell
  • Inverter Drive
  • Self-Realigning System
  • Digital Control Panel
  • Suitable Cold/Frozen Storage
  • Fast Action Opening/Closing
  • Finger Safety Seals
  • Suitable for Food Preparation Areas
  • Personel and Light Traffic
  • Contains Recyclable Parts
  • Safety Features
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