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Loading Bay Systems

We provide a comprehensive range of products and services for loading and unloading, a total solution for all your requirements

Build your own Loading Bay System
Get an instant price by selecting your dock size, shelter & leveller requirements, colour, frame, actuation and more

Being able to load and unload goods onto your trucks quickly and efficiently is essential for a swift moving company. Our Loading bays offer a comprehensive solution to goods in/out whilst ensuring the safety and wellbeing of staff. Our systems are completely bespoke and are manufactured to your specific requirements including custom dimensions, seal options, various colourways and more.

Loading Bay Equipment

Dock Bumpers
Our Dock Bumpers are highly durable due to their unique construction and patented materials. They offer a superior performance to conventional rubber bumpers and prevent damage to the externals of the loading bay and to vehicles during the loading and unloading process. The bumpers are extremely robust, they consist of a replaceable polyethylene front pad, two rubber cushioning strips and hot-dipped galvanised back casing and retainer. The construction of the pads allow the impact force to be spread across a larger surface which prolongs the life of the product.
Dock Levellers
We manufacture a range of dock levellers suitable for a multitude of applications. Depending on where the leveller would be mounted, we can provide a solution that works for you. Our range of Swing Lip, Telescopic and Pit Mounted Levellers are raised/ lowered using electro hydraulic operation, which is built to BS EN 1398.
Safety is paramount during the loading/ unloading process when traversing to and from trailers and containers. Our dock levellers are fitted with anti-slip platform surfaces to improve footing during poor weather conditions. Gradient indicators are placed on the platform along with toe guards and safety light to indicate when the platform is safe to use.
Dock Shelters & Seals
The retractable dock shelter is designed to recoil on impact to minimise the damage caused by misaligned and poorly parked trailers. Simple to install, robust and durable. Our Dock Shelters are manufactured from galvanised box section steel. Covered in a heavy duty Nylon re-enforced PVC.
Constructed with two inflating side bags, plus an inflating head bag suspended from a 875mm projection roof panel, the seal is powered by an integral fan motor with a counter weight retraction system. Designed specifically to minimise maintenance costs, the side bags retract both backwards and laterally - completely clearing the vehicle vicinity. The head bag has a standard vertical usable travel of 1200mm. Up to and including 2000mm travel can also be supplied on application.
Dock Housing
A dock house is a complete stand-alone insulated loading bay structure which can be installed directly on to the external face of a building.
Scissor Lifts
We offer a standard range as well as bespoke manufactured lifts including solutions for double deck vehicles.
Wheel Guides
Wheel guides (2085 x 250 x 365mm) are a necessary safety feature that should be included in any loading bay setup. They provide drivers with a clear guide to position their trucks for loading/unloading goods. The guides provide the loading bay equipment with an extra layer of protection against damage from vehicles’ tail bars, lifts and other associated equipment.
They are very simple to install and can be either sunk into the floor or mounted on concrete bases at a height of your choosing.
Dock Leveller (Loading Bay)
Insulated Roller Shutter (Loading Bay, High Speed)
Build your own Loading Bay System
Get an instant price by selecting your dock size, shelter & leveller requirements, colour, frame, actuation and more

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